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You are only a few clicks away from becoming a member of the GoSociable database and network. Registration is very easy! Once you have completed the application and it has been approved, you can be found by our tourism industry partners. You can also utilize the system to approach a potential partner yourself.

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We want to know as much about you as possible, and so do your potential collaborative partners! The countries you have visited, who your followers are, your angle on things. The more details you share, the easier it is to find the perfect match for your next collaborative project. Your profile information on your comp card allows tourism trade partners to learn about you and your work. By spending more time on your profile in advance, everyone saves time in the long run when looking for social media cooperations. Time to pack your bags!

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Once your Comp card is in the system, you can either lean back and wait for a tourism entity to find and contact your OR you can pro-actively approach potential partners yourself. Maybe there are open slots posted for an influencer fam tour to a destination you have always dreamed of visiting. Let yourself be surprised and inspired by something new. The world is your oyster, so is our database – just less clammy. Expect the unexpected! See what arises!

YES, it´s true! Being part of GoSociable is completely free of cost for content creators, and it will always stay that way.

We are always available to assist you in finding the perfect partner for your next influencer trip.

Roam through our database of tourism entities, check out their potential collaborative projects. Contact them directly, or let them discover you!

We have been involved with tourism marketing for years and nurturing online and influencer travel content from its inception.

You will be invited to our annual “Post & Toast” networking event during ITB, as well as to our educational social media workshop events.

Would you be interested in speaking at one of our educational events? Then step right up! We can provide you with a stage, a captive audience and a fair speaker’s fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Let us address the most relevant questions in order to secure your place in GoSociable.

Our database connects content creators and tourism trade partners around the world. On GoSociable you can directly get in touch with tourist boards, hotels, airlines and other tourism trade partners.

We are specialized in people whose passion is travel. Savvy content creators and tourism entities can partner up together without undertaking a lengthy search. We have strongly grounded experience in destination marketing and PR. Our platform is free for content creators.

You can join here. Each content creator completes his/her own comp card for the database. You decide yourself how much information you want to share. After your profile details have been verified we will contact you within 24 hours with our feedback and details for the next steps.

For you as a content creator - nothing! Membership will always be free for influencers.

You should include traditional KPIs like unique visitors per month, followers or engagement rates in your profile to ensure an effective search, but it is important that numbers per se are not prioritized here on GoSociable. What is much more valuable is your personality, your destination preferences, your travel topics, how you like to travel, and who your target audiences are. Numbers alone do not determine a perfect match for a collaborative influencer project, but rather the character of both the influencer and the contracting party.

The underlying element on GoSociable is travel. Regardless whether you are new as an online influencer or whether you already have a substantial followership on social media, it is fundamental that travel is part of your work. GoSociable works with travel bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle vloggers, Instagrammers and many more. Your work should include travel but it is not limited to travel topics.

All travel and tourism entities can see and study your comp card. The multiple filtering functions in the database system ensure that our partners can execute a targeted search for content creators. The more detailed your profile information is on your comp card, the easier it is for you to be found.

The best way to get in touch with our partners is to respond to their postings. Tourism entities can announce open slots for specific fam tours as well as signal their general interest in collaborative projects. You can browse through these offers and apply for those that speak out to you.

Your profile information will be stored and shared in conformance with our privacy policies. You upload and enter and manager your profile yourself.
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